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Metin2 Guide Warrior Corp

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1Metin2 Guide Warrior Corp Empty Metin2 Guide Warrior Corp
on Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:50 am



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b) Status Points
b) swords, two hand guns
c) spells, competent, Magi
d) the strategies duels

a) Status Points:
Status points to a warrior body shall 2VIT - 1STR. Why? Aura sword gives a relatively high damage, so basically compensates STR site. Instead warrior body lacks defense, so he must resist lure, and defense needs. Personally, I think 10 points on INT as additional skills not hurt enough use PM.
VIT: "PV and defense are improved '
INT: "AM and magical power are enhanced"
STR: "The attack is improved"
DEX: improved accuracy and is escape "
b) swords, two hand guns:
I will present only the most important weapons, as many intermediate weapons are "living" character.
Level 1: Sword
Level 5: Long Sword
Level 20: Broad Sword
Level 30: Sword moon (FMS), [with an average loss rather than on PVM, an FMS can be held in September to level 65]
Level 65: nymph
Level 65: Sword battle
Level 70: Spada
Level 75: Sword poisoned
Level 1: Glefe
Level 5: Spear
Level 20: Guisarme
Level 25: Scythe war
Level 30: red iron blade (RIB) [RIB 9, page 10% average, horse armed / military, Aura Sword, Iures -> a great combination]
Level 65: Blade Magnetic
Level 65: Lance partisan
Level 70: Lance half-human
Level 75: Sword mania
Note: A warrior body can use two hand weapons, as indicated by the horse race and on.
c) spells, competent, wise men:
Aura Sword: This spell must be first Masters (M) as a warrior body is to increase attack / damagelui. After ingestion Induce attack of this skill increases with the points made by STR
Iures: Increase attack speed and normal speed increase, recomanadat as a second skill, very useful for the horse armed / military
Vortex Sword: Could be made and that the second skill, attack on multiple targets, a very mare.Indicat damage if you do not have armed horse or decide to increase the bottom.
Incision triple: three gun shots, skllul may be missed, very good both PvP and PVM.
The violence: the recommended five-Ilea skills, has a chance to STUN, skills may be missed if the enemy is moving at a greater distance.
d) Strategies duels:
This is a classic strategy applied by all warriors body so when you fight with a character that has a chance STUN matters a lot who give first
At first: Aura Sword Iures
The duel: the violence -> vortex Sword -> triple incision -> Gun Violence recharge until additional skills.
If you want a PvP character would Items indicated with PV sword defense, defense two hands.
Items available for PVM character with PV and possibly critical.
Know that this guide is not entirely made of min so I do not want to hear stuff.

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