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Metin2 Guide Shaman healers for PvP

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1Metin2 Guide Shaman healers for PvP Empty Metin2 Guide Shaman healers for PvP
on Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:46 am



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This guide will show you how to built shaman healers.
1. This guide is one strictly for PvP.
2. Shaman healing is the most versatile class and it is simply impossible to say which is "recipe" ideal, each free to develop their own style. This is a personal approach to healing shaman in PvP.
Status is generally recommended that a 2 Vitamin ext. Vitamin May I recommend a target until you target the most, and then full-Vitamin and full dex. Street is the last. The explanation is simple. as a shaman in PvP You do not need protection. I know it sounds weird but it really is, and life can be supplemented by objects much better thanks pv especially through your medicine skills. So you loose to go on this report a bit extreme.
The real power lies in competent shaman. Without them it's weak as a hungry dog, and with them a real reaper.
1. Cure. Most valuable tool and the main reason you will win most duels. It will be mandatory first Masters.
2. Call Lightning. The main offensive skill. Maricel has a charge time (compared to the other), but huge damage and especially your chance worth unaware herself. Area that has a bonus damage is useless in PVP. Master 2
3. Acceleration. One of the most underrated skill in the game. Speed of movement and speed are vital in any duel charm. You see when I get the exact reasons tactics. Master 3.
4. Throwing lightning. High speed (7 seconds) and substantial damage. Alternative to the second master's in place because the call speeds. Too bad no chance unaware.
5. Lightning claw. Decent speed and good damage but because it's not the fastest and has no chance unaware I recommend that the 5th Masters.
6. Forced attack. An inept. Worst of all skill game. I would not put points on it even after I had five Masters.
1. weapon should be mandatory or fan antique bell with autumn wind damage as high competence. Average loss does not matter. Try to put the gun to return a larger stone and stone barn and anti anti-warrior
2. Armor does not really matter how long it is larger stone haste. Trying to find the bonus and bonus to speed charm pv
3. immune shield unaware whatever shield is ideal.
4. rest more and more int pv. Magic speed bonuses are welcome.
General notes:
Try to have as much speed and movement speed pv charm.
1. Minutes. PV means that resist much more in case you catch a few spells and received STUN. How much more so you'll be able to last longer in duels. Pv bonuses, bracelets silver / white gold, ebony earrings, etc.
2. Movement speed. With a rush four lugs 9 and G acceleration to reach the 188 movement speed. I mean you do not catch anyone. And who do not catch you will not damage.
3. Speed charm. One aspect ignored even by many shamanic unfortunately. During the loading speed of 200 is halves spells. I mean give 2 times faster your opponents with spells. A shaman and master speed by throwing charms 200 flash will be a real gun and give this skill every 3.5 seconds.
Duel tactics:
And here I adjustments and the most important aspect of this guide. Even if the status is made perfect skills as you will still not be big cheese in duels if you are not a good tactic. His opponent must guess I know spells and especially the order in which they give. For example a warrior body will triple vortex and cut immediately after you got STUN. So calculate how much time is left between STUN's sites and make sure you will catch the full life otherwise you risk to die from STUN triple vortex.
As I said in the beginning but speed does not matter so defense. I say this because in a duel must flee. Apparently chaotic running to not let his opponent will anticipate the direction, but also take great care to obstacles and opponents. The worst thing that can happen is to stay in a corner while a gray magic spirit dries up the flame. In three seconds you're down and the opponent laughs at you.
Learn the range of the various spells of opponents (plod spirit flame, etc.) and if possible try to keep your outside
it. You will succeed because this higher speed (do not forget your acceleration skills).
Give the distance with everything you have and continue to flee until opponent is dead. Heal yourself when you need care but at what distance is the opponent. Healing can not make an opponent running and almost risking to die.
The only situation where you give permission to come close to clopopotul / fan is if the opponent is very weak. Otherwise you have no chance.

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