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Metin2 Guide Sura Weaponary

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1Metin2 Guide Sura Weaponary Empty Metin2 Guide Sura Weaponary
on Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:48 am



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Sura Weaponary is very good in power agains monster but unfortunately is not very good in duel . Yet if you
want a high lvl character i
suggest you start with this character which
is a combination of body and Warior body and mental. Enchanted sword (the aura of the sword only worse) and
enchanted armor that increases defense (body only as strong as the


1.Enchanted Armour
2.Enchanted Blade
3.Finger Strike
4.Dragon Swirl


status is suggested to start with 20 points in Vit although they will
not put too much HP but you will earn 60 points defence.Next INT
must be made on the status of this category is very important for them
damageul increasing extent on skills
(ability). Next May add 40 points to Vit then make full VIT.In to INT
and then you put points in DEX continue and finally to STR.


If you
want to make a far weaponary just to make high lvl and be one of the
best PVM-officers will suggest you to put on Items 2000 hp bonuses
possible and also use aganist Strong monsters which grow (of you want to up lvl at Black orc use Strong agains orc , of you want to up in cave 1 or 2 use strong agains animals).


most character I suggest you put in the weapon Stone agains Warior (Because
they are most of the game), Stone of deathblow and if you want a full
PVM third stone must be stone of monster or if you want PVP character in place of cooldown.Armour
should have : stone of Defence, and Haste Stone of Stone of Evasion.

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