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Metin2 Guide Warrior Mental

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1Metin2 Guide Warrior Mental Empty Metin2 Guide Warrior Mental
on Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:47 am



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Mental warrior known as "Tanker", why?
For resistant body because it is equipped with a defense that allows him to stomp around or huge groups of monsters.
This warrior is known as the slow nature of skills and most difficult to use, so you have to practice very long before you master them well.
Mental warrior character is certainly independent.
This guide is only an opinion how should you do Mentally warrior.
Advantages Character:
-You will not need potions with PV as much as other characters;
-You'll have enough defense that you will turn into a tank;
-You level increases quite easy;
-You will need at least 5 armor (* not necessarily mean you will do everything in September and May 1)
Character Drawbacks
-You will need at least seven good weapons, especially weapons that are used with two hands;
-You use the hand and some potions will take some time to break Metin, killing monsters, etc..
Beginning ...
Begin to increase until at least level 5.
At every level you get three points which will distribute the status thus: 2 STR (attack) and a VIT (vitality).
Competent to receive 1 point for every level. When you start from level 1 to level do not receive any points that you have already, so just about Mental Warrior at level 5 when you already have four points.
When you reach level 5, go to teacher mental power and put a point on Resistant Body, Spirit attack, labefaction, Splitting / Attack.
At level 6 you put your skill points earned on remaining.
To never forget to go to end all missions because they are an opportunity to gain experience, Yang, items and equipment that will be very useful in the game.
Status ...
Well, in my opinion, should do two Str. 1 Vit until Street. Eastern filled (ie * 90 points added). After Street. fully continue to add points on Vit and then DEX (Dexterity).
Some people think it is strange items adding Vit after street full, but I think defense and minutes are never enough.
Skills ... (* Here I will not take after the guide but I'll do as I think is better)
PvP> Resistant Body> Attack Spirit> Splitting> shock> Attack
PVM> Resistant Body> shock> Splitting> Spirit Attack> Attack
Reviews about skill ...
Resistant Body

INSTANT-Increases defense;
-The body of active resistance to the G1, or more, Ninja Blade will give up only two hits with dagger stock.
-Reduce speed of movement;
-It is a skill that can be removed using the Magic skill Sura wasting your arms.
Spirit Attack

-The best skills of the warrior mental and one of the best among other authorities;
-Has one of the lowest loading times of all sites Warrior Mental skills.
-Perhaps you will rate several times especially in duels.

-It is a very powerful skill;
- Has one of the lowest loading times of all sites Warrior Mental skills.
-Perhaps you will rate several times especially in duels

Saturday, November 1st 2009, 6:20 pm
-Hit multiple targets;
-Has a chance to necunostiinta 30% at P;
Warr-in duels or sites not so easy as you attack rate or Splitting Spirit.
Cooling-time high;
-Minimum damage.
-Hit one target;
Warr-in duels or sites not so easy as you attack rate or Splitting Spirit;
-It is a skill with chance to necunostiinta
Charger-Time High;
-Minimum damage.
Leveling ...
Lvl 1-21 - »Moobi the first map.
Lvl 21-30 - "Wild
Lvl 30-35 - "Orci / LVL 30-45 -" Party at sites or Blacks
Lvl 35-45 - "Sweet
Lvl 45-55/60 - »v1 (Spider Dungeon 1)
55/60-80 LVL - »v2 (Spider Dungeon 2)
Lvl 80-86 - "8th floor of Tower Demons
Lvl 86-99 - "Watery Cavern and Red Forest.
Money ...
Well to make money is not always a simple task, so we will say what to do to earn money ... probably will not mention all possible ways, but I mention I like patterns.
Lvl 1-30
Retained the level 15,25,30;
LVL 30-65
Metin by level 35, 45, 50, 55;
Mining the same time;
LVL 65-70
Metin of level 65;
LVL 70-80
Retained the level 70,75,80,85,90
Equipment ...
Armor: Well, if you can get one with as much armor protection possible. When you can use black steel armor to use it as resistant body movement speed so he should use it on that speed to reduce the amount taken and to have more defense.
Guns: The duel would advise using a Metin Lance Partisan and for a magnetic blade preferably 6 / 7
Earrings: Earrings necessarily ebony 7 / 8 / 9
Slippers: Slippers Phoenix Preferably minutes or bonus chance to critical
Necklace: Tear Necklace Sky with larger
Shield: Shield by 61 September would be great for PvP and PVM
Bracelets: Silver or white gold 9
Helmet: helmets Iron Mask ghosts or 7 / 8 / 9
Bonus links:
PVM: Regeneration PV / PM, Critical, lov. piercing poisoning, STR, speed attack, chance to block attack tangible bonus EXP, speed of motion, x% Damage absorbed by PM / PV, anti Bonus Mobile, different characters.
PvP: Critical, PV, loading speed skills sized bonus against different characters, semi-humans, immune unaware, slowed down resistance against weapons (with one hand, with two hands and magic resistance), chance to block body attack.
PVM: Protection, vitality, Monstiilor, fatal blow, Returning, etc. shirk.
PvP: Anti (Warrior Sura, Ninja, Saman), fatal blow, Returning, rush, etc..
Enjoy !!!!!!!!

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