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Metin2 Guide for warriors | Leveling Up

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1Metin2 Guide for warriors | Leveling Up Empty Metin2 Guide for warriors | Leveling Up
on Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:51 am



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Hi, i collect this guide to explain to metin2 beginners how to go through levels and reach the 1st goal of everyone : LeveL 65.If you have just started playing a warrior, then this is the portion you should read.Have fun in game.

i start with the most popular character : Warrior

From level 1 to 21 you can level up your newbie by doing all quests while gaining gold and items and good exp.

From level 21 to 24: You can take your character the the Oath group and lure 4- 5 mobs wich will give you a good exp allowing you to level up.

From level 25 - 30 : Prepare a level 18 armor +6- 7 and a iron helm +5 with a good silver sword/war scythe +5 or 6 and a hp of 3k - 4k and go to the second village of your kingdom where you can gain decent exp by luring 6 - 7 mobs it will be very fast leveling up, Second villages also get the most popular and hunted metin stones : level 25 metin stone ( metin of black) level 30 metin (metin of darkness) level 35 metin ( metin of jealousy) these metins can give you a decent drop, and mostly stones +2-3 and a skill book and pots.

From level 30 - 34 : Now it's time to move to Nulla-Valley, in the beginning of Nulla-Valley you will meet the easiest monsters of the map: King scorpions. elite orcs. Elite chief orc wich will be in 4 monster groups, you can lure up till 4 -5 mobs wich will give a good Exp, and these monsters can drop you a level 30 daggers ( Black leaf dirk aka BLD), and while being in Nulla, you can always go hunt a Full moon sword (level 30 sword) and an Antler Bow ( Level 30 bow) where you can sell and collect good gold by selling them in shops/trades.

From level 35-40 : At this level you will go search for a black orcs party, Black orcs are the hardest monsters in the map, they give very great exp and gold if you are in party, on your level, you will help the party killing the monsters while the others will be tanking.

From level 41- 48, now that you got your level 41 helm and 41 shield, and prepared a good armor and a level 30 weapon, you are gonna be a tanker in the party, and you will hit the monsters hard and kill them, this is still very great exp at the orcs cause as high as you go in level you will tank more mobs and so on, and while you are in nulla valley, you can head to the middle of the map and start hunting Metin of Shadow( level 45 metin stone) wich would give a good drop, dont forget to get your armed horse cause its the key in PvM and specially hunting metins.

From level 49- 61: Now its time for the first Valcon Dungeon ( Aka v1), you will call a buffer and lure some level 55 and 59 spiders that will give you a decent exp, these mobs will drop level 48 armor and 45,50,55 swords wich can be NPCed and give you good gold, if you have prepared a 10k+hp and good items you can try killing 1 mob at Valcon Dungeon level 2 (Aka v2) where the great exp comes.

From level 61- 75 : Now you have no where but v2 to get ur exp, you will have to be with a party og Mage buffer/healer and more people. At your level you can go to Tangra Mountain to kill level 55,60,65 metins and if you have good items you will Go to Wild leaf forest ( Aka WLF) and you might beat the Liquiron (level 85 metin).

From level 75 to 80: You can try to Bravery cape the Big Room in v2 wich will give regular exp and good drops but i prefer you go to DWLF ( Dark wild leaf forest) or WC(Watery Cavern), if you are looking for exp and hunt, go DWLF, you will get 85 and 90 stones and good drop with exp, if you want exp more, go to the WC.

PvP Arahan Warrior:
Stats : STR maxed, DEX maxed, and the rest on CON, never touch your int.
Skills : Heroic Strike, Whirlwind , Frenzy , Charging <-- Never ever forget to master your Heroic strike.

PvM Arahan warrior:
Stats : STR Maxed, CON maxed, and the rest on DEX, never touch int.
Skills : Heroic Strike, Whirlwind, Frenzy, Berserk <-- Never forget to Master Heroic Strike

PvP Partisan Warrior:
Stats: Con 90, STR 90, and the rest on DEX, never touch int.
Skills : Might, Slash, Leap, Fury <--- Never forget to master your Might.

PvM Partisan warrior:
Stats: CON 90, DEX 90, and the rest on STR, never touch int.
Skills : Might, Slash, Leap, Stomp <---- Never forget to master your Might.

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