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Interviewing Cassius Dio, forumgratuit's administrator!!!!!

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1Interviewing Cassius Dio, forumgratuit's administrator!!!!! Empty Interviewing Cassius Dio, forumgratuit's administrator!!!!!
on Tue Aug 06, 2013 8:37 am



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Legolas: Hi!
Cassius Dio: Hey!

Legolas:Your nickname is Cassius Dio,right ?
Cassius Dio: Right!

Legolas:What's your hobby ?
Cassius Dio: My hobby in the virtual world, I can tell you it is coding, but I always liked to help people who require support in this regard, I'm developing my skills in coding and doing volunteer while on the internet.

Legolas:What is your country ?
Cassius Dio: My country is Basarabia (now Republic of Moldova)

Legolas:What can you tell us about your country ?
Cassius Dio: What can I say about my country? This is one of the most beautiful countries in the world in my opinion, because here I was born and raised here, I made friends and here that I started to tend today to fulfill my dreams. Unfortunately, I can not see my whole country than what today is called the Republic of Moldova because i must take my passport with me because a fool between Molotov and Ribbentrop pact signed in 1939, and because politicians today who seats are held too tightly.

Legolas:Have you ever played games on your pc ?
Cassius Dio: Not so much. For me it's more interesting to help forumgratuit's users than playing computer games.

Legolas:What games do you played ?
Cassius Dio: I have played Counter Strike, Call of Duty, GTA and others..

Legolas:In present, are you playing games ?
Cassius Dio: Rarely

Legolas:What vegetables do you like ?
Cassius Dio: Any vegetables!

Legolas:What fruits do you like ?
Cassius Dio: Fruits? Hmm, I like a lot of fruits like bananas, oranges, kiwi, apples, peaches and much more..

Legolas:What is your favorite color ?
Cassius Dio: Blue, certainly #008DFF

Legolas:Do you play football ?
Cassius Dio: Of course, I like footbal

Legolas:What's your oppinion about our forum ?
Cassius Dio: Nice forum. I like the idea of it.

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