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How to create a super password

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1How to create a super password Empty How to create a super password
on Sun Aug 04, 2013 4:55 am



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Let start!
Pasul 1: Look in your room and find something you like.. or anything! I choosed..


Pasul2: Please make sure notheing repets!


Pasul3: Take a phone and replace some letters with digits.


Pasul4: Replace the repeated letter or digit with another.


Pasul5: Add one simbol.. or more..


Pasul6: Verify the digits and the letters, it should not repeat!

Pasul7: Before you will replace the old pw with this, verify your pc of viruses!

Pasul8: Copy the pw on a book. That will help you if you forget it!..

Pasul9: Now, you can replace the old pw with your new super password!

*** Atentie *** Don't use this password!
*** Atentie *** Don't use the same pw with multiple account!

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