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Interviewing E-Mark, Forumotion's member!

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1Interviewing E-Mark, Forumotion's member! Empty Interviewing E-Mark, Forumotion's member!
on Fri Aug 09, 2013 12:03 am



Posts : 450
Daily Points : 735
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Legolas: What's your real name ?
E-Mark: My real name is Mark Lim

Legolas: Your nickname is E-Mark,right ?
E-Mark: Yes.

Legolas: How did you found this nickname ?
E-Mark: Actually before i have a forum named "Exotic-Forum", this is a facebook game hack forum, so i decided to get the "E" then added my name, Mark. Razz

Legolas: What's your hobby ?
E-Mark: Playing Computer (as usual, coding). I don't play outdoor games, basketball, volleyball. LOL.

Legolas: What is your country ?

Legolas: What can you tell us about your country ?
- We have lot of special foods in my country, one of the most famous dish here is Adobo. We have secrets in cooking. LOL.

Have you ever played games on your pc ?
E-Mark: Yes. That's my sports actually, my fingers are clicking the left and right button of my mouse, they're also typing, they are being exercised. LOL, kidding.

Legolas: What games do you played ?
E-Mark: Dota 1, Dota 2, Clash of Clans (iOS Games; iPhone/iPad, play it too, you'll get addicted)

Legolas: In present, are you playing games ?
E-Mark: Yes. Clash of Clans only for now.

Legolas: What vegetables do you like ?
E-Mark: Almost all, i like vegetables too much. Even the leaves, grass, i'm eating them. LOL, joke. Razz

Legolas: What fruits do you like ?
E-Mark: Orange, Apple, Mango, Banana. I'm a minion.

Legolas: What is your favorite color ?
E-Mark: White and Blue.

Legolas: Do you play football ?
E-Mark: No :3.

Legolas: What's your oppinion about our forum ?
E-Mark: Your forum is creative. I really like your idea in creating them. But i have suggestions to give you, first is your forum banner. I suggest you to create your own "logo" icon, i don't like those 3 logo, it will give your forum theme +5 impression. Hahahaha. Second is above the category, those "DailySupport - Here you will see important things about our forum.", the google thingy, the category opener, maybe you need to fix them, as they're compress to much. Next is the color, don't use violet too much, try adding more light colors. Last is the pun-crumbs on the topics, there is the 3 » » » bug. Try removing it. Those are only my suggestions. Others are good already. Keep up the good work.

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