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DailySupport - Tutorial about this forum and its features!

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1 DailySupport - Tutorial about this forum and its features!
on Mon Sep 02, 2013 5:17 am



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DailySupport - Tutorial about this forum and its features!

Hi guys!
How are you ? Hope your day is not like mine, horrible! We should go to work now, right ? Let's start!

First time, let learn some important things about this forum. First time, you need to register!
How to register ? I'll come back with a tutorial, rabbit .
After you are registered, please don't forget your username and your password. These things are important for you and for your account! After you have registered on our forum, please click on Login, wich is situated in the right corner on the top of this forum.
Click for image:

After you are registered and logged in, you can start your travel on our forum! You can ask for help, you can help other members, you can laugh, you can make everything! Our forum has no limits!

How to talk with other members ? How can i BE FREE ?
You can chat with us. How ?
Just click on "Chat: *number*", and you will enter the chat. We have two rooms, one for english speakers and one for romanian speakers.
Click to see the chat:

How can i ask for help on troubles with this forum, or with a staff member.. etc.. ?
Just click on "Daily Live Help" or "Pure Chat". It deppends if a staff member is online or isn't.
Click me for images:

Where are announcements ?

It's very easy. Announcements are that thing with many slides and with new codes. Here we post popular or new scripts, announcements about our forum.. etc!
Click me for image:

If you have any question, use Daily Live Help or use this topic. Thank you!

Wish you all the good,
Legolas - DailySupport Administrator!

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